Having questions about Race by Hearts?
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  • Any good advice for connectecting to my HR sensor?
    The heart rate monitor can only be connected to one app at a time. So if it is already connected to one app, it's need to be disconnected, before it can be connected to another app. Disconnecting and returning to a discoverable state can take up to a minute, depending on the heart rate monitor.

    The heart rate monitor needs to be placed correctly on your body and according to the manufacturers instructions in order to work.

    If a bluetooth device has been connected and disconnected multiple times within a short time, the iPhone may become "confused" and refuse to discover the device again. Restarting the app (after completely closing it down, not just putting it in the background) or even rebooting the iPhone, may solve the problem.
  • What does the user interface show me?
    Race by Hearts continously displays your and your teammates current and average heart rate, intensity levels from 0 to 100 percent and the corresponding heart rate zone.

    The order of teammates in the list is sorted by intensity levels. The one in the top of the list is the one performing at the highest current intensity.
  • How is the intensity calculated?
    Please see "What are heart rate zones?"
  • My teammate has a higher max heart rate than me, can our intensities still be compared?
    Yes, Race by Hearts calculates intensities from the individuals effective heart rate range, which evens out physiological differences. Just remember to input your resting and maximum heart rate in the settings.
  • What is the formula for maximum heart rate?
    Maximum heart rates varies a lot from person to person and so does the formulas that tries to calculate them. To get the most precise value we recommend that your measure your maximum heart rate during a very hard exercise session.
  • What are heart rate zones?
    Heart rate zones separate your intensity values into fixed levels.
    In Race by Hearts intensity is calculated from the “Karvonen formula”, which factors in resting heart rate and maximum heart rate and calculates the current intensity by the current heart rate:

    Intensity (in percent) = ((heartrate-hrRest)/(hrMax-hrRest))*100

    The level of intensity indicates the current heart rate zone:

    • Zone 5: 90-100% of maximum effort.
    • Zone 4: 80-90%
    • Zone 3: 70-80%
    • Zone 2: 60-70%
    • Zone 1: 50-60%