No More Tedious Workouts -
Make Your Workout Fly Away!

Turn Cardio Training Into A Social Event

Compete With Your Training Buddies

Be Social - Have Fun - Compete! - While working out.

Agreed. Cardio training can be tedious and lonesome. Race by Hearts changes that! Sharing your heart rate intensity with other athletes during a workout turns it into a completely new experience.

Want an effective workout? Burn more calories than the next guy? Race by Hearts constantly shows who on your team is putting in the most effort and who is taking it easy - encouraging you to perform your max!

From our users around the World we hear that Race by Hearts has made cardio training fun (again). This app provides a platform for a fun and an effective workout - helping you to get the most out of your training.

Race by Hearts on the iPad - Coming soon...

Race by Hearts on the iPad works together with Race by Hearts on your iPhone and adds even more overview, motivation and fun to your training by adding another dimension to the use of your heart rate data. What does that mean specifically? Stay tuned to find out!

Works With Your Existing HR Belt
No Proprietary Equipment Needed! Only Open Standards!

Race by Hearts is compatible with all heart rate monitors that supports Bluetooth 4.0! This also means that the heart rate belt you are using with Race By Hearts can be used with popular fitness apps such as Runkeeper, Endomondo, Strava, MapMyRide, and many many more.

Developed by Biking Enthusiasts
For Biking / Cardio Enthusiasts!

Race by Hearts was developed in 2012 because no apps enabled athletes to monitor and share biometric data between them in real time. We felt we needed that and we want to share it with you. If you think a feature is missing just let us know. Otherwise, if you enjoy using our app, please leave a review on the app store - Thanks!

Race by Hearts for Indoor Cycling
All You Need is Just a Normal Armband!

To use Race by Hearts for an indoor cycling / spinning class, you just need to place your iPhone (running Race by Hearts of course) in a normal armband, which can then easily be mounted around the handlebars on the indoor bike. This setup allows you to see and operate Race by Hearts during workout.